BlackRock Strategic Income Opportunities Fund

Explore a More Diversified and Adaptable Approach to Bond Investing

Your bonds that were once considered safe are now risky. It's time for a new approach. Learn more.

Slide the green indicator below to see how this diversified, adaptable Fund compares to a traditional core bond portfolio.

Weightings below zero result from the Fund using "short" positions to express negative views of a sector, so the Fund may generate a positive return if the value of the sector declines.

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Traditional Core Bond Portfolio represented by the Barclays U.S. Aggregate Bond Index.

Why do I need a more
bond portfolio?

Traditional strategies narrowly focus on just a few sectors of the bond market. A more diversified strategy that can invest in ANY sector has a “wider stance,” so if one sector wobbles, the others may be able to make up for the loss more easily.

Why do I need a more
bond portfolio?

Unlike most bond strategies whose prospectuses require a relatively static allocation to only a few parts of the market, adaptable portfolios can quickly move in and out of bond sectors to capture opportunities or potentially avoid risk – like rising interest rates.